Word--History--Sarah Knoth

History: "A series of events (of which the story is or may be told)"

The OED had a variety of definitions of the word history; therefore, I chose the most ambiguous one. Karl Marx has always been known for his thoughts on history especially when he says that “history repeats itself” (Wikipedia). In the work we read today, the main objective and theme of it all was that of history; what rulers do in the face of it and how they can make decisions. A question I always ask myself about history is whether or not those in authoritative positions can indeed change what has already happened. Could Bonaparte have changed the face of history had the coup not occurred. To what extent does looking back on history make making history any different? The word history has often times befuddled me because it indeed has so many definitions. One of OED’s definitions stemmed from the fact that history is a drama played out. Does history indeed repeat itself? Like so many people have quoted tonight, Marx says the following: “Men make their own history…under circumstances directly found, given and transmitted from the past” (595). So in the general context of rulers (in this case Bonaparte) I wonder how they think about history themselves and whether or not they truly have the ability to make something great and NEW out of a history that reproduces itself over and over again. Even with our two politicians campaigning, who will make the right choice? Who will make history a statement instead of a drama?


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