High Winds on the Ravenel Bridge

Winds were blowing hard last night, and still at it when I woke up this morning. I got to Starbuck’s in North Charleston just before the storm blew in. One thing is for sure – storms in the south do not mess around. This thing was crazy. The doors to the building flew open and rain streamed inside as if the clouds were purposely tilting at an obscure angle to ensure proper water flow into the building.

The drive up to North Charleston was eerie enough, with high winds and random flashes of lightening in the darker than usual sky. I’m just glad I didn’t have to drive in that rain.

One thing that is good about southern storms though, that I’ve experienced to date, is that they don’t seem to last long. I mean – yes it is still rainy outside. But the vicious power of this morning’s downpour is long over. Not that I would mind a repeat now that I am safely inside. I love thunderstorms. Something about the rumbling and clashing of things you can’t control. Especially when you’re safe and cozy in your house. But things seem to have settled down for the time being. We’ll see how the rest of the day goes.

I began day one of new Emily yesterday – went running, ate a salad – all generally good things. Until I went to Fuel and had some PBR’s and Plantain Fritters…which are basically the most amazing things ever created. I’ve finally figured out how to work the Fuel system and not pay a thousand dollars every time I go. The answer is PBR and Plantain Fritters. Delicious. Satisfying. $4.75. What else could you ask for on a warm day with high winds?

So maybe it wasn’t an entirely successful day of new me. But it was a start. And plantain fritters are a new thing, a new thing which I have no intention of EVER giving up. So I guess the day was as successful as one could expect for a Monday.

Going to start cooking again soon – just need to figure out a good spring recipe!