The Street Scene / The Mirror / Implicative Spectatorship

"I want to turn to this process by which the look of surveillance returns as the displacing gaze of the disciplined, where the observer becomes the observed and 'partial' representation rearticulates the whole notion of identity and alienates it from essence" (Bhabha, 89)

"It is important that one of the main features of the ordinary theatre should be excluded from our street scene: the engendering of illusion.... What is involved here is, briefly, a technique of taking the human social incidents to be portrayed and labelling as something striking, something that calls for explanation, is not to be taken for granted, not just natural" (Brecht, 122)

"The child, at an age when he is, for a time, however short, outdone by the chimpanzee in instrumental intelligence, can nevertheless already recognize as such his own image in a mirror. This recognition is indicated in [] illuminative mimicry" (Lacan, 1)

Paranoid Interpretation: See Errol Morris on inadvertence of cinematic quotation

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