Precis--Sarah Knoth

Edelman takes on some seriously deep issues in Sinthomosexuality. He is in constant conversation with Lacan about the ideas and roles of fantasy, form, and the “sinthome,” which, according to Lacan, is an antiquated way of spelling “symptom” (35). Edelman seems to continually go back and forth on the possible intended meanings of the “Symbolic” and the “Imaginary” and the “Real” (35). Simply put, it seems like Edelman struggles to surmise what he thinks of reality and putting a precise name to it. He speaks of “naming” and how it will continue to survive or not (34). He says that “his name, that is, his surrogate, must take the subject’s place; it must survive, if only in fantasy, because fantasy names the only place where desiring subjects can live” (35). I find Edelman’s ideas to be extremely thought provoking but at times terribly confusing. His whole essay seems to be that of an equation. Fantasy + Desire = Survival. I found the Japanese game described on page 37 to be particularly helpful in trying to uncover Edelman’s thoughts. There is this idea of being able to disfigure something and undo something. If we are able to do these things then it does indeed exist. There is also this other thought that the water created the piece of paper’s image---it made it recognizable (37). It seems like Edelman says that the only way in which we survive is through fantasy. Yikes. 

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