Precis: Edelman

Sinthomosexuality as Edelman puts it is "fantasy turned inside out." However, he also say that according to Lacan, the term sinthome refuses Symbolic logic and thus is undefinable. Edelman juxtaposes his idea of what sinthome is to Lacan's view by making his own term: Sinthomosexuality, which "by contrast, scorns such belief in a final signifier, reducing every signifier to the status of the letter and insisting on access to joussance in place of access to sense, on indentification with one's sinthome instead of belief in its meaning" (37).
Edelman also discusses this term with homosexuality by means of cultural fantasy and how the homosexual population are often the recipients of violence.
To show the projection of violence and death, Edelman use's Dicken's character, Scrooge from A Christmas Carol. Scrooge demonstrates the idea of sinthome and "the real."

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