Précis: To be John Malkovich

Andy Kaufman, the screenwriter for Being John Malkovich loves to play on the idea of physical presence in the mental conscious of a person (as undoubtedly seen in his subsequent films, Adaptation & Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind). These scripts present unique moral and philosophical dilemmas pertaining to the mental conscious that the audience will never face. Though, these films also raise real issues regarding identity and truth. For example, Being John Malkovich uses an example of the character Lottie, who experiences physical masculinity in her voyage into John's psyche. This experience causes her to question her own gender and sexual identity. She claims that seeing life through another's eyes made everything make sense; her vision of the world cleared for her to see the truth about her identity. In turn, the screenplay seems to question humanity's singularized perception, and criticizes personal experience as being the only truth.