Phrase - Mimicry is at once resemblance and menace.

The last paragraph of page 86, is crucial when discerning the relationship between this particular article and the rest of the class.  Mimicry in itself tied back to Freud's mirror stage and Lacan's unreal versus imaginary musings as well as the obvious link to Being John Malcovitch and Craig's fixation with puppets, but the underlined phrase at the bottom of 86 brings it all together  - answers why a discussion of colonial discourse could possibly relate to our study of aesthetics. 

Just like with most all the other aesthetic principles we have covered, there is a fine line between it and its opposition, whatever it happens to be. The "area between mimicry and mockery," creates an arena for both flattery and farce. Like Plato's discussion of knowledge falling into the wrong hands, this discourse on mimicry suggests there are two sides to every coin, whether it's  a form of art or forming of a nation.

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