I will remember you, will you remember me?

“He wants to live longer than everyone else, and to know it;”

The struggle that humanity faces with regard to their place in history is no small feat. Not only is it required that we surge beyond our predecessors to attain some semblance of temporary greatness, but for others, there is a great desire to ensure that the surge has some staying power within the annals of history. In the absence a great deed, there is one legacy that can be passed on, and that is the name. For heterosexual couples that are, in this sense, lucky enough to have sons, this legacy is easy to attain. For those with less conventional sexual lifestyles, this legacy becomes a challenge in it of itself. Man wants to live on, regardless of the knowledge that death is inevitable. The ability to live on, whether in name or action, is something that many seek, for some however, it is far easier than it is for others.

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