How do you see things?

"Maybe I should start seeing things the way they are, not the way I want them."

In Imitation of Life, Lora is fighting to find what she wants from life, theater, fame, love, and family. All of these become cross roads for her. When Steve is trying to convince her to give up on theater she says the line. I found that this line was prevalent in looking at Sara Jane's character as well. She does everything she can to be white. She doesn't want to tell anyone that she is black because she does not see herself that way. She feels like she is being oppressed just for being black, so whenever she has the chance to be white, she takes it. Sara Jane is acting on the belief that if she sees herself one way that everyone else will see her that way too. However, like Lora has to admit, she needs to start seeing things the way that they really are.

After hearing this I think of Plato and his belief in the two worlds. Like the cave there are the way things are and then the way that we see them, the shadows. So my question to you is, what is your viewpoint on your life? Do you see things the way that they are or the way that you want them to be?

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