Precis-Owning Up and Manning Up

Derrida seems to be of two minds about the concept of writing. His statements range from disdain to those who fear the idea of owning up to their own words ("The men who are most free feel ashamed a 'speechwriting.'") to a general dislike towards writing at all. ("Is writing seemly?... Is it proper to write? Is it done? Of course not.") Despite these two radically different views of the concept of writing, Derrida still makes the attempt to make himself heard through his views. The reading is more of a caution to writers, outlining exactly how he feels that writers should go about their business. He seems to impart that a writer should not shirk from their views. They should be well-read and educated on that which they write about, and they must not back down from this task, despite what society may look upon them as. A writer must write and own up to their work.

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