Phrase: Save the Drama for your mama

On page 311, Schechner discusses how there is a limitless role of theater, "there is theater in theater; theater in ordinary life; events in ordinary life that can be interpreted as theater; events from ordinary life that can be brought into the theater where they exist both as theater and as continuations of ordinary life". This quote is in itself a version of Shakespeare's "all the world's a stage". In the theater, there is a connection of ordinary life there, whether it be something originally taken from life or if it is similar to a real life situation. In these instances it draws on a personal connection from the audience. Have there been times in movies, tv shows, or plays that you think to yourself, "this is just like that one time?" Also, the connection to ordinary life helps the actors and directors bring emotion to the table, and characterizations that may not have been provided for them.

I also enjoy how the quote talks about "events in ordinary lie that can be interpreted as theater", this idea that after being involved with the theater to some degree, that it will make a lasting impact on you enough that you will be able to draw comparisons is great. How many times have you called someone a "drama queen" or caught someone giving you and "act"? These terms show us how we recognize experiences in our daily life where we are interpreting "ordinary life" to being "theater".

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