Phrase: "However a public that shudders at train wreck.."

"However, a public that shudders at train wrecks, that is familiar with earthquakes, plagues, revolutions, wars; that is sensitive to the disordered anguish of love, can be affected by all these grand notions and ask only to become aware of them, but on the conditions that it is addressed in its own language, and that its knowledge of these things does not come to it through adulterated trappings and speech that belong to extinct eras which will never live again" (75).

I have to give a quick thanks to Artaud. He wrote what I have been thinking with many of the texts that I have read. So many times I am told to read things that leave me wondering what I just read. I cannot understand the language of the text. Artaud made me realize that maybe it isn't me. So, thanks Artaud!

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