PHRASE: His demonstation would be spoilt if the bystanders' attention were drawn to his powers of transformation.

Brecht wants to employ didactic theatre and he supposes the best way to do this is to strip theatre of its fancy, Saturday night three piece suit. No longer should an audience be captivated by the uncanny reproduction of life. If this is the case, the audience goes home raving about the actors, their talent, the realistic conflict and set, forgetting about the message at hand. Instead, Brecht conjures up a theatre scene where the actors are noticeably playing parts on a stage that could be nothing else but a stage, and the audience has nothing to be capitivated by but the movement of repetitive life. The audience is then confronted with the situation and does not see a character, an action, dialogue. The audience is confronted with the universality of the character, action, and dialogue through a "low-fi" production.

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