Pharmakon for us all...

"Medication" – Queens of the Stone Age

Medication for us all…
It’s a new way,
And we're gonna take it cause we love it
Don't you know?

Is this the dose you've been dreamin' of?
A revelation from a gun…
Doesn't matter,
Overtaken, mine was yours, now overthrown.

It’s copulation in a song.
I'm so contagious, can I come?
In a new way,
All of us cast aside became what has become.

Medication for us all…
You think you know me, well you're wrong.
Doesn't matter,
All of us cast aside became what has become.

Using Derrida as a lens, this simple, to-the-point rock song can described as an anthem, parading the ideas present in "Plato's Pharmacy." The binary of pharmakon being both a cure and a poison is depicted in the second verse. "[T]he dose you've been dreamin' of" seems to pinpoint Socrates himself in his search for Phaedrus and his books: the cure. Although, the "revelation" comes "from a gun," pinpointing the dangers of pharmakon immediately. Even the idea of pharmakon as an addictive substance presents itself in the line: "I'm so contagious, can I come?" The contagion in this context would be the text, and the viscous process of reading being writing, over and over.

Additionally, I would like to add a link to "Feel Good Hit of the Summer", the first song I played in class today. It's a pretty crazy video in itself; there's a lot to talk about there as well... but we'd have to stray from Derrida to cover all of that.

-Chris D.

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