"...not only his labor but his entire self..."

On film actors: "This market, where he offers not only his labor but his entire self, his heart and soul, is beyond his reach" (261)

The market of mass production, while profitable, strips away the artists 'aura' and 'authenticity,' taking away his self, heart and soul. He losses the originality and true being, becoming a blank slate for others' thoughts and ideas, even identity, to be projected upon. An artist, once thought of as an expresser of truth and ideals, is degenerated to a position where his thoughts become someone else's. He is unable to influence his work and gives it up for others to mold where it is 'beyond his reach.' We offer our labor to market for our own economical interest. The market is not interested in the individual though, but the collective. Thus the self, heart and soul are lost and forgot.

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