Marx Presentation

  • There were many theater references through-out this essay (words such act, scene, stage, even references to works such as Hamlet)
  • Theater is art, it is representation and imitation. By relating the French Revolution to the theater he is implying that history is repeating itself and our actions and thoughts are based in the past. There can be no revolution and change without breaking from the past and going into the new
  • "The social revolution of the nineteenth century cannot draw its poetry from the past, but only from the future" (597)
  • We aren't going through time linearly or even in Irigary's worm-like pattern, but in a circular, cyclical pattern, perhaps even backward
  • A Napoleon for a Napoleon
  • The actions and convictions of the bourgeoisie seem child-like and immature
  • Caught up in imagination and dreams with "utopian nonsense" and give up easily
  • Lack cohesion and identity
  • England got it right when they had their bourgeoisie uprising and fulfilled their transformation
  • Locke to Habakkuk -- why to how -- ideals to reality. France missed that, got stuck in daydream
  • Wars are fought because of money
  • History is the result of the struggles between social classes based on economical differences
  • Laws, culture, morality, etc is shaped from desire to protect capital
  • It is not morality that shapes our politics but issues of money. In reality we do not chase transcendental truths but are stuck on earth in mud chasing vulgar desires
  • Napoleon III was able to rise because he represented the petty bourgeousie, and it is "by protecting is material power he generates its political power" (615). His purpose is to "draw California lottery prizes from the state treasury" (615)
  • In the Friends clip, they are all fighting over lottery tickets
  • Lottery tickets don't even represent money, just the potential gainings, the idea of it
  • The friends get so caught up in money that they pursue their vulgar desires and forget the higher ideals of fairness and friendship

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