We have nothing to fear but psychoanalysis. I mean repression.

In "The Uncanny" Sigmund Freud attempts to define through psychoanalytic hop-scotch just what the uncanny entails. Freud of course begins with giving us multi-lingual definitions of the word but as he illustrates, you just can't pin point its essence in a word. The uncanny is a certain feeling that humans have inherited from the primitive man. The uncanny is not the easy cop out, "the unknown" that everyone concludes. Rather one must know through undercurrent similiarities in illustrations how to fully acquire and understand the nature of the uncanny. He concludes that "this uncanny element is actually nothing new or strange, but something that was long familiar to the psyche and was estranged from it only through being repressed."(p. 148) If psychoanalysis did anything for Freud other than convince him everyone wants a penis, he learned that finding the root of our emotions is not the straight path.

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