Precis: You reap what you sew

With all the issues that man faces today, one can only wonder where these predicaments started, and was it our doing? People today are consumed with the need for power and money. We are faced with Global Warming and a failing economy. Most people are only concered with themselves and what they can do to get more of what they want. Ovid writes, "No rake had been familiar with the earth, no plowshare had yet wronger her; untaxed, she gave of herself freely; providing all essentials. Content with food acquired without effor, men gathered fruit from the arbutus tree, wild strawberries on mountainsides, small cherries, and acrons fallen from Jove's spreaking oak" (19). Everything we needed to survive was given to us in the beginning. Sure, there would be no ammenities or life's finer things, but there would be the tools needed to survive. That leaves the question: Have we brought all of this onto ourselves? Are all of the troubles and turmoils that face us, something that could have been avoided? I feel we have all reap what we have sewn.

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