PRECIS: We Know What We Know

Kant’s article is all about how we come to understand everything that we know. He believes that since the beginning of time no cognition can precede an experience. Experience is where all cognitive thought begins. We can figure other things out that we have not experience through association with other experiences. For example, we know a car accident was caused by wet roads due to rain. We would not need to get in a car accident again to understand that snow can also make the roads wet.
Kant’s article clearly lays out why he thinks experiences brings on cognitive thought. He wants us to think about what we know and how we know it. I think our experiences do help us understand more easily other experiences. Without the experience to begin with we would be thinking blind. His argument of “Experience teaches us, to be sure, that something is constituted thus and so, but not that it could not be otherwise." It just makes sense. We know what we know through our experiences but are also smart enough to understand that also we could be wrong.

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