Phrase: Unreal is not imaginary

Lacan says, "Unreal is not imaginary" (205).  Lacan tries to explain the libido as an organ even though he says that this organ does not actually exist.  He states "the unreal is defined by articulating itself on the real in a way that eludes us, and it is precisely this that requires that its representation should be mythical, as I have made it (205).  I picked this phrase because I think Lacan and Freud are both trying to explain something that has no textile existence but we know is there or we know something is happening to us.  Lacan tries to explain the libido in the human being by relating it to an organ and Freud uses the uncanny to try and explain the deja vu phenomenon.  Both are things that happen to us as humans but we are unsure of as to why.  Lacan says it best when he says "But the fact that it is unreal does not prevent an organ from embodying itself" (205).  The quote goes along with the saying, "if you believe it to be true, then it is true."

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