"PHRASE- Such is the discord between brothers.

Henry McDonald

..."For even now, with each of them in charge of his own kingdom, and their blasts controlled, they scarcely can be kept from shattering the world, such is the discord between brothers." - Proem, "The Creation

The story, or rather the question, of creation is an often exanined question. The story set forth by Proem here takes on the question in the form of story-telling. This story is filled with elements of the formation of the land, sea, and sky, followed by the creation of man, followed finally by the presentation of evil, malice, greed, and all things bad into the world as a result. What insight into the true natures of humanity are present in this age old story. The world was once a place where the earth knew no plow, where humans knew no war, but alas, humans can "scarcely keep from shattering the world. Such is the discord between brothers."

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