PHRASE: Qur'an

Throughout the Qur'an repetition is commonly used as a device to emphasize certain verses. This is done as a way to demonstrate the magnitude of the repeated text. Key ideas found in biblical texts cannot possibly have their importance expressed through words alone, so to compensate for that, the ideas are repeated in many verses, with their wording altered only slightly. In the particular text we read, the story of the Lord's appointment of Adam as the first man and his subsequent downfall at the hands of Iblis is told several times with slightly varied wording. One phrase that is repeated consistentaly is "You are each other's enemies" (Qur'an 7:24). This is representative of the idea that as we become human we turn into individuals that are aware of our properties. Another repeated idea to complement this is "Their nakedness became exposed to them when they had eaten from the tree; they began to put together leaves from the Garden to cover themselves" (Quar'an 7:22). The reason they cover themselves is because they understand they are not unified any longer, they are now individuals and are stricken with conflicting traits that will forcethem to be enemies for the remainder of mankind's existence.

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