"I see myself (?), therefore I am"

"I am led, therefore, to regard the function of the mirror-stage as a particular case of a function of the imago, which is to extablish a relation betweent he organism and its reality-or, as they say, between the innenwelt and the umwelt."
It seems the 'mirror stage' serves to show a person his form, thus his reality, his actual being, while also calling up for him, the appearance of his automation-his mechanicalness. This concept appropriately harkens back to Freud's discussion on man's horror at his recognition of his nature is something (like a doll, or robot) that is an automation. Lacan also points us to the importance of the "mirror stage" in establishing to a man, his reality, his existence, and he is seen to the others; reminding us that a man is not merely unto himself, but exists in relation to the other organisms around him.

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